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To: Department of Home Affairs

Fighting for Fair Visa Processing Times

It is a known fact that temporary visa holders are essential to Australia. We contribute our time, labour, money, culture and values to this country. Rather than viewing us as temporary migrants, view us as future Australians and help us create the futures we've dreamed of for ourselves and our families. Speak out against endless visa backlogs and the impacts this has on migrant workers in Australia. No more lives in limbo! We're fighting for fair visa processing times for all temporary visa holders!

Our demands:

· The Australian Government must prioritise applicants who are already onshore with families, jobs, futures and dreams that depend on fair visa processing.

· Home Affairs must provide transparency around visa processing delays and backlogs.

· Home Affairs must commit to speeding up processing times by putting more resources and capacity towards 887 visa applications.

· Migrant workers and temporary visa holders must be treated with equity and fairness. We are future Australians.

Why is this important?

There are thousands of people nationwide whose lives are stuck in limbo while they await a visa decision from the Department of Home Affairs. Many have been waiting for years with no response from government.

Key points on the 887 visa:

· The 887 visa is a pathway to permanent residency for temporary visa holders who have lived and worked in areas of regional Australia.

· These temporary visas leave migrants vulnerable to employment, housing, family and financial instability.

· 887 visa applicants are forced to live in limbo while they experience endless visa processing delays and backlogs.

· The average wait time for the 887 visa is now over two years

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