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To: Monash University

Fix the Parking Mess!

Fix the Parking Mess!

Students are calling on Monash University to fix the parking mess at the Clayton campus.

We want to see:

1. The restoration of FREE carpooling

2. Fairer fines

3. More free parking spots close to campus

4. More affordable parking tickets and permits

Why is this important?

The cost of securing a parking spot at Monash is ridiculous, with permit and ticket prices rising significantly on an annual basis.

A FREE carpooling service was introduced as an incentive for students to drive to university together. The reduced number of vehicles would lower Monash's carbon footprint, as well as free up parking spots across campus. Last year the university imposed a fee on the carpooling service, and as such it is being severely underutilised.

The infringement system at Monash is also increasingly costly and harsh. The university are charging more for fines, and while first time offenders and ambiguous offences are issued infringement notices straight off the bat, the appeal process is so unduly rigid that it's almost impossible to successfully challenge an alleged offence.

The cost of attending university alone is enormous. We do not need the added pressure of paying hundreds of dollars for parking when we're not even guaranteed a spot.

Do One Thing Monash, fix the parking mess!

Reasons for signing

  • Unless you arrive by 10am, you have no chance of finding a park in the metered carpark at Clayton...
  • Not only do I have to pay a very expensive uni fee, I still have to pay an extra 400 dollars just for a parking space that is so difficult to find. And they say we will support all your uni problems.
  • Even after forking out $400 for a permit, finding a parking spot takes 40 minutes on some days. Not good enough Monash.


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