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The petition has been handed over and we are moving to the next step of the campaign. Thank you to all who signed

Professor John Dewar has announced there will be another round of job losses at La Trobe University. This time, it’s forced redundancies. Staff have made huge sacrifices over the past twelve months with wage cuts, additional workload stress, and working from home, and remain loyal and dedicated to the University, their employer.

Despite the sacrifices that staff have made, the University will make 250-300 workers redundant. At the same time, the University has doubled its expenditure on external consultants, including $6.5m on a single consultancy (source – LTU annual report 2020).

We, the undersigned, call on Professor Dewar to:

• Find alternative measures to involuntary redundancies, for example job shares, pathway to retirement contracts and similar methods;
• Review the use of external consultants and prioritise using the university’s financial resources retaining existing staff not hiring external consultants;
• Explore and consult staff regarding potential cost savings mechanisms that don’t involve cuts to workers;
• Implement substantial permanent reductions to the excessive salaries and bonuses of executive staff.

Why is this important?

• ‘Spill and fill’ redundancy measures will only exacerbate the anxiety and stress experienced by staff.
• The University has a responsibility to its staff and to do the right thing for them.
• Redundancies may lead to important work being shifted onto remaining staff or outsourced to external agencies at a substantially higher cost than if performed by University staff.

Your signature is important to demonstrate support for La Trobe staff and students and to ensure that the University uses our public resources to maintain high quality employment conditions, so that University staff can continue to deliver quality education and research across Victoria.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Professor John Dewar by the LTU NTEU President Alysia Rex.

Plenty Rd &, Kingsbury Dr, Bundoora VIC 3086, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • I'm an alumna of LTU. Since I graduated, I have seen LTU decimated. Neither of the depts where I did majors exist anymore. They are not the only depts now gone. LTU used to be "cutting edge". Nowadays, it's just "cutting". LTU can't afford endless cuts if it wants to be a quality uni supporting the brightest minds in the country. I call on Prof Dewar to prioritise job security for staff, instead of endless consultant fees & outsourcing. Staff & students deserve respect & stability.
  • I worked at LanTrobe for more than 10 years. We went through forced redundancies before and it was the most painful process. Many of our colleagues were forced to leave their jobs with a period of uncertainty in the middle which was extremely stressful. I hope the university doesn’t go through this. La Trobe has great potential and will be able to recover once International students are allowed to join.
  • As Vice President (Professional Staff) of the LTU NTEU branch AND an insecure worker, I know exactly how important it is that La Trobe cares for its staff during this time. While I understand the financial reality we are dealing with, the university's most important asset is its people, and the university must do its best to care for the workers that make this place run. There are better ways to do this than through involuntary redundancies.


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