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To: Members of the SA Legislative Council

Fund MATES in Consruction

Vote to reverse the recent State Government funding cut and ensure MATES in Construction is adequately resourced to continue its vital, life saving, suicide prevention work in the South Australian construction industry.

Why is this important?

On average 190 Australians working in the construction industry die by suicide each year, that's one death by suicide in this industry sector every second day.
Males in the construction industry are twice as likely to commit suicide than males in any other industry and are six times more likely to die of suicide than a workplace accident.
This is totally unacceptable, and worse still, the industry organisation doing something about it has been defunded and hampered in its efforts to change the situation.
We call on our elected representatives in the South Australian parliament to vote to stand by our MATES and properly fund MATES in Construction SA.


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