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To: Malcolm Turnbull, PM

Get your hands off our rights to quality training!

We won!

Safe Work Australia voted down Turnbulls plan to take away HSR rights to quality training!

Health and Safety Representatives are the bedrock of our health and safety system. Well trained HSRs reduce workplace injury rates by up to 50% - but your minister has directed Safe Work Australia to vote on measures to reduce the number of days training new HSRs get, and to remove the right to face to face training for HSRs.

This will result in more unsafe workplaces, more injuries, more illnesses, and more shattered lives. Tell Malcolm Turnbull to leave our quality training rights alone!

Why is this important?

Health and Safety Representatives reduce workplace injury rates by 50%. In a Work Safe Australia meeting tomorrow, Turnbull has directed that they vote on changing the law to reduce the training that new HSRs get in the WHS system.

This is an attack on workers’ safety across Australia. It’s vital that we tell Turnbull to get their hands off HSRs’ rights to quality training.

If we don’t take action, Safe Work Australia will strip quality training rights from all future HSRs and undermine our health and our safety in our workplaces.


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