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To: Minister for Child Protection, Rachel Sanderson MP

Have a heart for children in state care

Have a heart for children in state care

To fix the growing crisis in Child Protection, Minister Rachel Sanderson must:

1. Immediately increase the number of youth workers in residential care houses.

2. Reverse her government’s cuts to vital early intervention programs.

3. Stop cuts to important programs that support Aboriginal children and families.

Why is this important?


Every month hundreds of shifts are being covered by fatigued Youth Workers working excessive overtime. Many more are not covered at all.
The staffing shortage has become so chronic that social workers are now being forced to care for children in offices because there aren't enough Residential Care staff to care for them. This puts vulnerable children and the staff that care for them at serious risk.

Minister Sanderson has known about this for years, yet the problem is getting worse.

The Public Service Association has calculated that we need at least 60 more full-time youth workers to ensure appropriate staffing in Residential Care.


In the last two State Budgets Minister Sanderson’s government has made
significant cuts to successful early intervention programs. As a result we’re seeing more children coming into state care. We need these programs restored to ensure vulnerable children and families are supported to function independently.


Many children in care are Aboriginal. Yet, Minister Sanderson’s government is planning to axe critical programs specifically designed to support Aboriginal children and their families.

How it will be delivered

We will print the petition signatures and present them to the Minister.

Reasons for signing

  • I am an indigenous mum that had her children removed by dhhs oct 31 2018 I waited a year for a support worker from vacca to contact me by then it was too late dhhs already swooped in and took my baby's :(
  • There are shifts at the residential care houses that are not being covered or being covered by workers who are not trained for the role due to lack of staff. This is NOT OKAY! Child protection agencies are reactive and responsible to respond. BUT we cannot rely on these agencies solely as a coping mechanism for such a large social issue. Early intervention programs and support programs for Aboriginal children and families are the key to breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma and harm.
  • People are dying in the hands of our government who won't even address a crisis they've caused


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