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To: All Home Care Employers

Home Care Workers need Contact Less Thermometers Now!

Home Care employers need to ensure safe working conditions and safety for home care clients in the community during the COVID 19 crisis. Sign this petition if you think all care workers should have access to contact-less thermometers for temperature testing for themselves and their clients.

Why is this important?

The COVID 19 crisis is not over, home care workers are on the frontline working in the community with vulnerable members of society. Union members have won special leave, they are starting to get the PPE they need and have access to COVID19 virus testing. However temperature testing is still missing! Contact less thermometers can make a huge difference to identifying symptoms sooner rather than later in workers and clients. To ensure adequate work health and safety standards for workers as well as continuing to stop the spread of this virus, home care workers need temperature testing thermometers now!



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