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To: Kelu Liu, HungryPanda CEO

HungryPanda stop punishing your workers!

Zhouying Wang is a delivery rider for HungryPanda and a Transport Workers Union (TWU) member, who bravely organised a protest against the company's worsening conditions.

These conditions include:
- Slashing base rates to pay food delivery riders as little as $4 per order.
- Implementing a bonus scheme that requires riders to complete a set number of orders in a dangerously short timeframe, leading to a rise in rider injuries.

In retaliation to Zhuoying's protest, HungryPanda stopped giving her delivery orders.

When her union, the TWU, wrote to the company about the lack of orders, Zhuoying only received five orders. In the 100 hours logged on the HungryPanda app to work, she earned just $84.

Why is this important?

HungryPanda is punishing Zhuoying for speaking up about delivery rider conditions.

Now she is unable to afford rent and is relying on food from her housemates.

The company thought punishing Zhuoying would silence her - they were wrong.

Zhuoying is determined to continue the fight for herself and other workers in the gig economy. Undeterred by HungryPanda's relaliation, she continues to organise and plans to protest in the coming weeks.

We can't let HungryPanda's patterns of exploiting riders continue.


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