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To: John Willy, CEO Hutchison Ports Australia

Hutchison Ports must reinstate Kevin Kelly and stop the sackings

Kevin “Bones” Kelly is back! He walked back in the gate at Hutchison Port Botany at 6am today after winning reinstatement. This has taken a hard fight by the MUA over more than six months. More than 2000 people signed the petition supporting the union campaign.

Hutchison Ports must reinstate Kevin "Bones" Kelly and end the sackings

Why is this important?

Hutchison Ports Australia have disgracefully sacked respected Indigenous worker Kevin “Bones” Kelly from their Port Botany terminal.

Hutchison has never accused Kevin of any wrongdoing. They say Kevin is not fit to perform his duties, but they have no medical evidence to support this claim. Kevin’s own doctor cleared him for work after a few weeks on workers’ compensation. After he was cleared, he carried out full duties without issue for 11 shifts before he was stood down and then sacked.

Kevin is one of many workers recently sacked by Hutchison’s at Port Botany, including a high number of Indigenous workers. Hutchinson’s poor record of Indigenous worker promotion and retention indicates that it is a company rife with systemic racism.

Thomas Mayor, National Indigenous Officer of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) said:

"There was no genuine reason for sacking Kevin and Hutchison have a record of disproportionately sacking Indigenous workers. There can only be one word to describe the company's management, and everyone should learn the truth of it. Hutchison Ports is racist."

Kevin was a world champion boxer. He is respected across the maritime industry and across the community. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Maritime Union of Australia until he is reinstated – We call on Hutchinson’s to reinstate Kevin “Bones” Kelly, end the sackings and end the systemic racism in the company’s management!

Paul Keating, Sydney Branch Secretary of the MUA said:

"I have known Kevin for many years. He is a good friend and greatly respected by his comrades on the waterfront and across the MUA. This sacking is utterly unjust. In all my years as a union official, I have never seen the treatment of a worker by an employer in this way. The MUA will not stand for this from Hutchison or any employer. The MUA expects reinstatement immediately."

Gate B, 150-160 Foreshore Rd, Botany NSW 2019, Australia

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