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To: Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW

Introduce a comprehensive registration scheme for NSW engineers

Introduce a comprehensive registration scheme for engineers in New South Wales in line with the Queensland and Victorian schemes.

Why is this important?

The introduction of such a scheme would bring our state into line with other states, ensure the rightful recognition of professional engineers in NSW and above all else, provide community safety.

With no registration scheme in place, NSW risks becoming a haven for unqualified engineers who cannot practice in neighbouring states, exposing the public to intolerable safety risks.

The Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019, introduced into Parliament by Yasmin Catley MP on Friday 25 October will ensure the engineers across NSW are adequately qualified, providing the protection our community deserves.

Help us put pressure on the government to introduce a mandatory engineer registration scheme in NSW - sign our petition and we'll send an email to the Premier on your behalf.



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