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To: Broadspectrum and the WA State Government

Job Security for Court Security

Job Security for Court Security

Broadspectrum Court Security and Custodial Officers AND the broader community are calling on Broadspectrum and the WA State Government to:

1. Give Broadspectrum workers the right they deserve to a fair go; which means negotiating a fair agreement, where all workers are paid equally, and remunerated adequately for their services (metropolitan and regionally)

2. The current WA State Government needs to end the race to the bottom that was started by the previous State Government, by ensuring contracts are awarded to bids that provide the overall most economic benefits, rather than just an assessment of cheapest cost. Governments should be using their extensive purchasing power to secure jobs.

3. The WA State Government needs to implement changes to provide greater job security to Government contracted workers through ensuring portability of all entitlements, especially long service leave and redundancy when Government contracts are awarded to another contractor. And review of the legislation for transmission of business for State Government contracts to ensure that all these employees’ years’ of service are recognised.

Why is this important?

Governments should support safe and secure jobs.
In the interest of community safety.

The Barnett State Government put the WA Court Security work out to tender, saving $36 million. Won only at the expense of the wages of the court security officers and at the expense of communities that rely on the risk these officers take at their jobs every day.

These officers are now being sentenced to a deal that:
1. Divides the workers on 2 different rates of pay
2. Does not pay allowances for working in the regions (much to the detriment of communities that rely on the risk these officers undertake.)

These workers have been fighting for 12 months and have had ENOUGH.
Now they are taking action.
Sign this petition to support them holding their employer and the WA State Government to account.

Read more about the history of this fight here:

Reasons for signing

  • They are keeping the hospital safe
  • Security is what keeps me safe at woek
  • It's unfair to the families of these officers, something needs to be done


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