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To: Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard 小街蘇面館

Justice for Tina 為Tina討回公道

Awesome news! Tina's determination to see her old boss held to account has paid off. On Wednesday March 29, a Federal Court judge issued an order for Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard to pay Tina the full $20,000 she is owed within 21 days.

This is a massive win for Tina and for young workers. Every single boss who is trying to exploit workers on visas is now on notice.

We'll be watching carefully to make sure Shanghai Street Noodle Wizards pays up, and if he doesn't - we'll be back!

We want Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard to repay Tina over $20,000 that they stole from her wages.


Why is this important?


Tina came to Australia as part of a working holiday - but she never expected to be exploited by a seriously dodgy boss.

當Tina以工作假期簽證來到澳洲時 - 從來沒想到會被一個狡猾的老闆利用並剝削血汗錢。

During her 10 months at Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard, Tina worked late nights, weekends, and public holidays. She trusted her boss was being honest with her when she was dealing with an unfamiliar workplace in a language she was still learning.


Instead, her boss took advantage of her. He lied about paying tax and super. He paid her a flat rate of between $12 and $14 per hour - and when she tried to take 10 days leave to visit her family at home in Taiwan, he sacked her.

但是,她的老闆卻以剝削她的薪資為回報:謊報納稅和退休金。老闆只支付澳幣$12-$14的時薪 – 當她請假回台探訪家人期間,他把她解雇了。

Now Tina is fighting for justice. She has tried to settle the issue with her former employer. She has gone through Fair Work's mediation process - but Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard is only willing to pay back $3000, not even a quarter of what they owe Tina.


This isn't good enough. We're calling on Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard to do the right thing, end the exploitation of workers, and repay Tina over $20,000 they stole from her.



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