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To: Yarra City Councillors

Keep Edinburgh Gardens For Everyone

On Tuesday night, after listening to the community, Yarra Councillors voted down a blanket ban on alcohol in Edinburgh Gardens. Instead, they'll work to ensure there are more rubbish bins and toilets, and will work with the local community to make sure Edinburgh Gardens is accesible, safe and enjoyable for all!

Next Tuesday, Yarra City Councillors will vote on a proposal to limit the ways the community can use Edinburgh Gardens.

Edinburgh gardens is a vibrant, much-loved space for our community. Unfortunately, the owners of multi-million dollar homes on its border want to dictate how everyone uses this beloved public park and Yarra Council are siding with them.

Why is this important?

Yarra Council area is an open, accepting community. Edinburgh Gardens attracts a wide cross-section of our community, and on a sunny day is enjoyed by hundreds who picnic, play and walk through the gardens.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of public green space. Everyone should have access to green space where they can meet family and friends, host end of year catch ups and socialise in a COVID-safe way.

The proposal to institute a blanket alcohol ban will unnecessarily impact on residents' use of our public park. Not all residents of Yarra have private backyards, or space to host friends and family in a safe way. Access to public parks is really important for social connections, but also broader community connectedness. An alcohol ban would also have a disproportionate impact on marginalised people.

Yarra City Councillors should not bow to a vocal minority. Edinburgh Gardens is a park for our whole community, and should be able to be enjoyed by everyone.


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