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To: Local Government NSW

Keep the 35 hour working week for Local Government employees

Local Government NSW wants to increase the ordinary hours in the Award from 35 hours to 38 hours for those staff currently entitled to a 35 hour week for staff working in indoor positions in Local Government.

See Local Government (State) Award 2020 Employers’ Log of Claims point 7 below:

7. Clause 18A [Ordinary Hours] – Delete subclause 18A(ii) of the Award so that the weekly ordinary hours of work for all full-time employees is thirty-eight (38) per week, and grandfather the entitlement (to a 35hr week) for existing full-time employees only.

Why is this important?

Not only do they want to increase employees hours by three hours per week, but they also do not want to pay for the extra three hours of work. It is important that all indoor Local Government employees are aware of this proposed change and sign this petition.



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