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To: Peter Smith, Kweer Touring and Events

It's a wage theft extravaganza, honey

Condragulations, Kweer Events - you've been caught out in some wage theft realness. BenDeLaCreme has spilt the tea and ruvealed that a number of performers have allegedly not been paid for their appearance at Queer Expo in Australia last year. The shade, the shade of it all!

This is not RuPaul's best friends race - drag queens are workers and deserve to be paid for their work. Kweer Events, it's time to pay up.

Why is this important?

We all know that drag queens have a lot of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent - and they deserve to be paid, just like any other workers.

Wage theft is at epidemic levels in Victoria, including in the performing arts. If you run any kind of business, you need to pay your workers. We don't want any god damn excuses. To wage theft we say: not today Satan.

Kweer Events, if you're not going to pay them then sashay away.

(P.S. to all the Queens, future Queens, and soon to be Queens, join your union: Good luck, and don't fuck it up!)

Reasons for signing

  • Anyone that has provided goods or services including entertainment should be paid for their labour. It’s just that simple. Aaaand if you don’t pay then I hope you get criminally charged.
  • Just pay them.
  • If you agree to pay for a specific service provided, and the service is provided, you should pay for it.


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