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To: Moreland City Councillors

Make Glenroy Roads Safe

We, the undersigned, petition Moreland City Council to collaborate with the Glenroy West Primary School (GWPS) community and surrounding residents to address immediate and serious safety and traffic concerns around the school grounds.

Why is this important?

During school drop off and pick up times, the road surrounding the school becomes blocked, causing daily traffic jams, causing safety risks to children and others needing to use the road. Access of vehicles in and out of school premises has also been blocked; it would be impossible for emergency service vehicles to enter and exit, creating additional risk, with two aged care facilities potentially affected. It is only a matter of time that a child is injured, or worse.

This dangerous situation is long standing, despite numerous attempts to address. We ask Moreland Councillors to explore suitable options to secure the safety of students and community through alternative traffic / road solutions.
York St, Glenroy VIC 3046, Australia

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