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To: Scott Morrison

Make Rapid Antigen Tests Free and Accessible

The Federal Government must step up to make Rapid Antigen Tests free and accessible to all.

Far too many Australians are spending hours in massive testing queues or scrambling around multiple pharmacies looking for rapid testing kits.

Making rapid antigen tests free and accessible would take some pressure off our PCR testing capacity and family budgets.

Why is this important?

Unions and business urged Scott Morrison to make rapid antigen tests free back in October. He could have chosen to act but he did nothing.

The UK and US Governments have already acted to make rapid covid tests free and accessible to their citizens, once again Scott Morrison is leaving Australia behind.

Right now, a single test can cost up to $20, if you’re lucky enough to find a chemist that still has them. That’s $100 for a family of five. That might be small change to the Prime Minister, but it’s out of reach for many families.

When asked whether he would make rapid antigen tests free for Australians who need them, Mr Morrison suggested it wasn’t the Government’s job to fix the problem anyway.

When a journalist specifically put to Mr Morrison that “not everyone can afford Rapid Antigen Tests”, the PM glibly replied, “some people can, some people can’t”.

We've seen time and time again that when the going gets tough, Scott Morrison goes missing. We can't afford this inaction right now. It's time for the Federal Government to step up and make rapid antigen tests free and accessible.




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