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To: University of Adelaide Council

Mental Health Support at the UoA Roseworthy Campus!

The Adelaide University Student Council (SRC), Australian Veterinary Students for Mental Health (AVSMH), and the undersigned demand that the University of Adelaide:
1. Hires a full-time psychologist at the UoA Roseworthy campus;
2. Works with the SRC and AVSMH to make changes to the VIS form such that it no longer dissuades students from seeking mental health support; and
3. Requires lecturers to read students' crisis response plans at the student's discretion.

Why is this important?

Veterinary students and practitioners are known to suffer from high rates of mental illness. This is especially the case at the university’s Roseworthy campus, where, in a survey conducted by the AVSMH, 27% of veterinary students reported experiencing suicidal ideation. The effects of mental illness are compounded by Roseworthy’s lack of transport and rural location. Such factors either dissuade or outright prevent students from seeking assistance. It is hence important for students to call on the university to provide satisfactory mental health support on campus.
When signing this petition, don't forget to use your UoA email so we can prove that these are indeed genuine student demands.
Mudla Wirra Rd, Roseworthy SA 5371, Australia

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