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To: Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister

We need a Sex Discrimination Commissioner now!

After a lengthy delay the Federal Government has finally appointed a Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

Over 200 people signed our petition calling for the urgent filling of this position given the obvious need to tackle sexism at work. Current VEOHRC Commissioner Kate Jenkins has been appointed to the role. Ms Jenkins has a strong background in the area of employment law and in investigating the impact of sexism at work including chairing the Independent Review into sex discrimination and sexual harassment, including predatory behaviour, within Victoria Police; establishing the Victorian-based Male Champions of Change program and the upcoming review into equity and gender within the MFB and CFA.

There has been a history of appointing women from diverse backgrounds to this role, all of whom have done an excellent job in raising issues of systemic discrimination that impact on the human rights of women.

There is a lot to be done! We look forward to raising the concerns of Victorian working women with Ms Jenkins when she takes up the role.

It has been 144 days since the office of the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner became vacant, yet Mr Turnbull is still dragging his heels in filling this vital role, meaning no one is in charge of addressing sex discrimination under a Liberal government.

Meanwhile, there have been a number of very public reminders of the entrenched sexism and harassment that women face at work, including those perpetuated by Ministers Dutton and Briggs. We can’t wait any longer for decisive action to eliminate sexism.

Why is this important?

The delay in filling a position which focuses on eliminating sexism, domestic violence and wage inequality has us seriously questioning the priority Mr Turnbull is giving to creating a culture of respect for women.

Mr Turnbull has stated that all Australians need to make a cultural shift and stop disrespecting women. He can set an example. He needs to fill this role now through an open, transparent recruitment process.

Sign the petition to show Mr Turnbull that he needs to get serious about tackling gender inequality and discrimination in Australia!

Reasons for signing

  • Because in many workplace still male dominating
  • Not good enough Malcolm this is an indictment on your administration
  • Because discrimination goes on, and on, and on


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