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To: Professor Bruce Dowton (Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University) & Macquarie University Senior Executive

One University, One Community: No Macquarie Uni Job Cuts! No Change Without Consultation!

Vice-Chancellor: It’s time to address your university community

We, the undersigned, being staff and students of Macquarie University, seek to express our grave concern about the proposed plans to abolish the Faculty of Human Sciences and to cut a number of professional staff jobs in the process.

Professional staff job cuts will impact not only those immediately affected but will result in work intensification across this University and a deterioration in service quality.

We therefore call on you to:
• retain the Faculty of Human Sciences;
• ensure there are no forced professional or academic staff cuts;
• consider alternate budget measures (other than cutting jobs) to address the University’s current financial situation.

Finally, we call on you as the leader of Macquarie University to call an all-staff Town Hall meeting and explain to us, your university community, why such a drastic proposal is required.

Why is this important?

Professional staff are the backbone of our university community and provide the vital knowledge and expertise that helps make Macquarie Uni a great place to work and learn.

The proposed cuts would result in huge workplace dislocation, and would be ruinous for the careers, personal well-being and livelihoods of staff.

Many of the staff whose jobs are on the line are currently deeply engaged in advising current and future students. The loss of these staff would negatively impact all of these students.

The affected academic departments face very real challenges in finding new homes in another faculty, as some of them are a mix of clinical and social science disciplines and it is not clear where they would meet a satisfactory “fit”.

The productive collaborations between the Faculty of Human Science's four Departments may be lost with the reallocation to different Faculties. This would impact areas such as Special Education, where Macquarie is a sectoral leader.

Responding to a budgeting issue by cutting an entire Faculty contradicts the University's stated position on sustainability, particularly on Sustainable Development Goal 8 - decent work and economic growth. This response may adversely affect the University’s strong recent performance in the Times Higher Education new University Impact Ranking based on how well universities are performing against these Goals.

If Macquarie University is 'You to the power of Us', don't leave us out of the equation. One university, one community...take action now to say no job cuts!

Reasons for signing

  • One of the reasons I choose to study at Macquarie University was because I loved the concept of a Faculty of Human Sciences. When I tell others what I love about my university, it is that they have put these departments together into a faculty in a way that makes so much sense, and in a way that other universities do not.
  • These kinds of changes and job cuts undermine the high level of quality education hardworking staff members have proudly been providing at Macquarie. Bruce Downton and the University Executive are out of touch with what teaching and learning at uni is meant to be about and have been systematically de-platforming staff and student advocacy for years. DISGUSTING.
  • I’m from Akkadu cooperating with MQ Conference Interpreting graduates & students with solid basic Conference Interpreting skills, and 90% can pass Akkadu's online interview for the first time, which is much higher than graduates from other interpreting projects. An excellent university will figure out the way to solve the challenge and bring good for all students and professors. Without excellent professors and students, there won't be any excellent university.


2019-11-06 15:18:31 +1100

Thank you for signing the petition to save Macquarie Uni jobs and the Faculty of Human Sciences. Tomorrow, join the rally!

What: Rally 'Save Human Sciences: No job cuts!'

When: TOMORROW (Thurs 7 Nov), 12pm

Where: Wally's Walk (near MUSE Building), Macquarie University

There will be a student-led rally in solidarity with staff in the Faculty of Human Sciences tomorrow. NTEU National President Alison Barnes will address the meeting. Please come along during your lunch hour to show support.

You can see more about the event on Facebook:

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