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To: Gurpreet Vohra, Goodman Fielder Group CEO

Pampas/Goodman Fielder: We want job security and fair wages for your workers now!

Workers at pastry and pie maker Pampas, which is owned by billion-dollar company Goodman Fielder, are on strike because their employer refuses to provide secure jobs to casuals who have been employed as labour-hire for almost two decades on lower wages and worse conditions.

Pampas' employees, who are predominately migrant workers, are asking for secure jobs and a fair wage increase - they only earn $27 an hour and are struggling to make ends meet with the soaring cost of living.

We are asking that Gurpreet, CEO of Goodman Fielder, step in and stop management from treating these workers with disrespect.

Why is this important?

Workers at Pampas have been languishing on labour-hire contracts, working full time, for 10, 15 and up to 20 years whilst being overlooked for permanent positions.

Migrant workers like those at Pampas are the backbone of our food manufacturing industry. Workers across Australia are doing it tough, they need fair wages and secure jobs to survive.

Pampas needs to come to the table and offer these workers a fair deal now.

11-13 Sunshine Rd, West Footscray VIC 3012, Australia

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