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To: Kingston Council

Parkdale Library needs a new playground

This campaign has ended.

The undersigned petitioners request that Kingston City Council establish an all abilities family playground next to the Parkdale Library.

For years the block of land next to the Parkdale library has been left overgrown and unused. If elected, I will bring this area to life by building a new playground. This will enable children and families to socialise, exercise and enjoy fresh air.

Kingston City Council can do this by planning a playground, park table/benches and security fencing next to the Parkdale Library following a period of consultation with the community.

We believe that children of all abilities are equal and that this playground must cater for children of all ages and be accessible to disabled children. The design of the playground should also pay respect to the Indigenous history of our local area.

We, the undersigned, call on Kingston Council to build a new playground next to the Parkdale library!

To find out more about my promise to deliver a playground next to Parkdale library, or to support my campaign, please contact me at

Why is this important?

The Petition of citizens and residents in the City of Kingston draws to the attention of the Kingston City Council that:

1. The Parkdale community between Como Pde East and Nepean Hwy do not have a local playground and our young families must travel via car to go to the nearest playground.

2. That the land adjoining Parkdale Library would be suitable, due to its proximity to local families, the library, train station and local shopping strips.

3. We acknowledge that the City of Kingston already owns the land next to the Library and currently has no plans for this space to benefit our local community.


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