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To: Gutwein Tasmanian Government

Priority RATs for Tasmanian Transport Workers

The Transport Workers’ Union is seeking urgent commitment from the Tasmanian Government for priority access to Rapid Antigen Testing kits for all essential transport workers. On the 19 January 2021 the Transport Workers Union wrote to Deputy Premier and Minister for Health Mr Jeremy Rockliff MP on this very issue.

Why is this important?

The TWU has received an alarming number of reports from drivers and transport workers who are isolating because they are symptomatic or have identified as close contacts. In addition,
we’ve had similar discussions with employers. These essential workers are unable to access
PCR testing stations, or test themselves due to shortages of Rapid Antigen Tests. They remain in isolation and symptomatic for up to seven days without access to testing kits.

This has resulted in severe driver and labour shortages, and dwindling stock in supermarkets
and throughout the supply chain. With the rising infections, and without priority access to Rapid Antigen Tests, this situation will be catastrophic for the industry, associated industries and the public at large.
Tasmania, Australia

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