To: The Federal Government

Protect COVID-Vulnerable Workers

Protect COVID-Vulnerable Workers

Not all workers have the option of working from home to protect their health during the pandemic. That's why we're calling on the Federal Government to establish a COVID-Vulnerable Worker Payment scheme to allow workers at high-risk from COVID-19 to stay out of harm's way.

Why is this important?

Australians have done an incredible job of managing the COVID19 pandemic so far, but now we need to get on with life while still protecting our most vulnerable.

As we re-open our borders and our economy, we’ll probably have small localised outbreaks of COVID-19.

When that happens, many of us will be able to continue protecting ourselves by working from home.

But some people just don’t have that option because of the type of work they do.

Even worse, some of these people also have pre-existing health conditions or other risk factors that make them vulnerable to the worst effects of the virus.

So how do we protect people with pre-existing conditions who can’t work from home, when the virus springs up again?

The answer is simple. The Federal Government should provide them with a COVID-Vulnerable Worker Payment. It would work like an extension of paid pandemic leave - so workers can stay safe, without having to use up their existing workplace entitlements.

Let’s look after COVID-Vulnerable workers, and get Australia moving again.