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To: Rous County Council

Protect Jobs in Lismore

The United Services Union is concerned about a plan to move the Rous County Council administration office and depot from Lismore to Ballina.

This will see 80 plus jobs move out of Lismore, the geographical centre of the area covered by Rous’s operations.

The moving of these jobs out of Lismore means less money being spent in Lismore businesses, no coffees, no lunches no shopping in Lismore for groceries for dinner.

This will be disastrous for the economy of Lismore which like most regional economies has been hit hard recently by bushfires, floods and the Covid-10 Pandemic.

Rous management and councillors must explain to the public what is going on and why this has been made behind closed doors without any consultation with the Union and with the community.

The workers at Rous County Council deserve a say in this decision and management must listen to how this will impact their home life with extra travel and the increased travel cost associated with the move.

This decision must be reconsidered looking at all options available and allow the community to have their say.

Why is this important?

We need your support to protect local jobs! Please sign this important petition today!

Lismore NSW 2480, Australia

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