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To: Australia Post

Stop Postie Burnout!

Communication Workers Union - VIC Branch

"All I do Sunday is get anxiety about Monday"
"People are sitting outside of the delivery centre feeling physically sick about coming inside"
"Vehicles that only do 45kph are dropping into traffic doing 60kph"
-- Anonymous Posties

Posties are suffering increasing levels of mental health injuries at work from continual increases to workload and workplace stress, due in no small part to understaffing!

But now their employers at Australia Post want to trial a delivery model which could expand posties' rounds and workload by potentially 25% and increase exposure to road traffic.

Australia Post need to immediately commit to addressing psychological hazards affecting posties, including workload, and refrain from introducing work practices that will have a detrimental effect on Posties physical and mental wellbeing.

Why is this important?

Postal workers carried our communities through the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic along with all of our essential workers. Working harder than ever to cope with the endless stream of care packages, online shopping and letters to loved ones in lockdown. Posties are burning out from the increased workload.

Being a postie used to be a job you could rely on - but now many are stressed and overworked and are feeling pressured to risk their own safety on our roads to complete their rounds within time constraints. 10 years ago no one wanted to leave, now many do not want to stay!

Posties say they are skipping their breaks and are forced to go faster to meet their increased work loads and long hours in an already dangerous job. As more and more posties burn out - and fewer are being recruited (the above proposal would see current vacancies not filled) - posties are facing a workload crisis that Australia Post refuses to acknowledge.



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