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To: Premier Mark McGowan

Protect the Workers Who Protect Health Workers NOW!

Make Security Officers permanent now! North Metro Health Service are acting unfairly and unreasonably towards Security Officers who should be permanently employed. We want the Premier to honor his pre-election commitment and his Government's policy and employ Security Officers permanently now!

Why is this important?

Security Officers deal with violence and aggression at work every day. They put themselves on the line to protect health workers so they can provide essential services to the people of WA.

Security Officers working on a casual basis in the NMHS sites have been treated differently to every other group of public sector workers across the state. Some of these officers have been working 'casually' for up to a decade - and we say 'enough is enough!

Security officers get hurt at work protecting others and face the stresses of dealing with aggression and violence on every shift. Continuing to employ them casually is just not good enough. Security Officers deserve the protection of permanent employment so they can do their best to protect WA Health workers and the community.


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