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To: Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail Tear Down This Wall!

We the undersigned Members of the RTBU and the Community wish to give notice to Queensland Rail that we are unsatisfied with the conditions that Queensland Rail's Shift Roster Officers are expected to currently, and in the planned future, work in.

We believe that they are being treated poorly in respect of their rights as Queensland Rail employees to work in a workplace that possesses adequate space and hygiene to facilitate the Team to carry out their vital work functions for our Rail Network.

We are therefore requesting that Queensland Rail ensures a resolution of this matter in a manner that we will be provided with the following:

 A large enough space to facilitate three-shift roster workers and their current standard of amenities; and
 That they have adequate airflow; and
 There will be adequate safe space between the three workers; and
 That the Team can continue to work in a team of three in persons to facilitate proper workload and fatigue management.

We believe that these requests cannot be separated from one another.

We note that the Team would be satisfied with being moved to an alternative space in the RMC to facilitate this form of outcome.

Why is this important?

For the last two years, the Queensland Rail Shift Roster Team has been made to work in a small unassuming room off the main control room in Queensland Rail's Rail Management Centre located at Bowen Hills.

In the original building designs, this room was designed as a storeroom or a meeting room. Senior QR Management thought it appropriate to stick the Shift Roster Team in this room and expect them to work on a rotating 24/7 roster in unsuitable conditions.

The room stinks. It is too hot in summer ( it is pretty typical to reach 30+ degrees), it is too small to permit proper social distancing, and in general, it is not exactly comfortable for three people to work in.

After two years of trying it alone with Management, the Team have asked the RTBU Office to help them TEAR DOWN THE WALL!

For context the wall is non-structural, the office next door is vacant most of the time, and by increasing the space for the Roster Officers they will be able to include an additional Shift Officer in their team to assist with their heavy workloads.

But we need your help, we want to make it clear to Queensland Rail that cooping our Members into a tiny, unsafe, and uncomfortable room for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is not good enough. We want the Shift Roster Office Team to know that they have the full support of our Union in this fight and that they have the collective strength of our Union behind them all the way in this fight.

305 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

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