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To: Australian hospitality industry

Respect is the rule: stop rampant sexual harassment in hospitality!

I started working in hospo when I was 14 years old. Since then, I’ve had six jobs - and I’ve been sexually harassed at five of them.

I know I’m not alone. In fact, a new survey shows 89% of young women working in hospitality have been sexually harassed at work. Nineteen percent have been sexually assaulted at work.

This is a crisis. Every day we face humiliating and sexually suggestive remarks from customers, managers and co-workers, as well as being bullied, groped and threatened. One worker told of being drugged and raped by her employer.

It’s got to stop. That’s why I’m asking you to pledge you will only go to venues that have a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment. Employers need to know that the moral and business case for action is undeniable.

Why is this important?

I’m Cass, and I’m a bartender. I love my job - but some of my experiences over the last six years working in hospitality have made me feel powerless, vulnerable and simply terrified.

When I was 14 working at a cafe, my boss used to corner me and smack my arse. His excuse? “Oh, the kitchen is small.”

When I worked as a bartender, my boss tried to make a $100 bet on what colour underwear I was wearing. Another time a customer tried to pay me $400 for sex. That customer came in everyday after work and would harass me - and my boss did nothing because “they’re good drinkers”.

These are just a few of my stories, but I know this kind of disgusting harassment is widespread in our industry. For thousands of us, this is a regular part of our working lives - and it’s got to stop.

Together, we can send a powerful message to the hospitality industry: we’re human beings, and we deserve respect. Sign our pledge and share it with your friends.




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