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To: Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman

Respect Tasmania's education staff and public service workers

We, members of the Independent Education Union, call on the Tasmanian Government and Premier Hodgman to stop the insults and make a fair and decent offer to workers in public education and across the Tasmanian public sector.

Why is this important?

We, members of the Independent Education Union, call on the Tasmanian Government to respect workers in public education and across the public sector in Tasmania.

Proposals tabled by the Will Hodgman government so far do not adequately address the workload, pay and resourcing issues in Tasmanian public schools.

Tasmanian teachers are the lowest paid in Australia, while Support Staff earn on average $25,000 a year and in some cases rely on Centrelink payments to make ends meet. Due to excessive workloads, almost half of teachers say they can’t meet the individual learning needs of students. Educator burnout is high and the best and brightest are being lost from the profession.

We support members of the AEU and other public sector unions who in the face of their government’s failure to deliver a decent offer have been left with no option but to take stop work action on 2 and 3 April.

Premier Hodgman, it’s time to show some respect for public sector workers, the backbone of Tasmania.

Reasons for signing

  • I work closely with teachers aides. They support our students with additional learning needs so much and yet they work under very poor conditions regarding entitlements. They deserve a better go. We as teachers are also tired of being used as a political football, have never increasing expectations and often feel very devalued. I am personally considering working 0.9 next year so I can keep up and still provide the quality teaching and mentoring that my students deserve.
  • In support for teacher aides. They need an increase in wages as they do a great deal for us!
  • for fair pay a cross the bored and the harder the work the more u should get paid so have your say


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