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To: Premier of Tasmania Will Hodgman

Retain. Recruit. Recognise. Tasmanian Nurses and Midwives

Retain. Recruit. Recognise. Tasmanian Nurses and Midwives

We are calling on the Government to ensure that all Tasmanians have access to enough nurses and midwives to provide safe and quality care whilst accessing the public health services in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Government and Premier Will Hodgman continue to disregard the future of nursing and midwifery in Tasmania. As those at the forefront of the health industry, the Government need to start listening to our nurses and midwives who are faced with the issues of bed block, overcrowding, and safe staffing on a daily basis. Sign this petition to show your support for the campaign, health care workers and the future of Tasmania's health care system.

Why is this important?

In 2016, the Government agreed to reassess the model of staffing for nurses in the state’s public system. This body of work has not been completed in the agreed timeframe and left Tasmanian nurses and midwives concerned about the potential risks to the community.

Information provided by the Tasmanian Health Service show that there are currently more than 250 nursing jobs vacant in the public health system in Tasmania. Combine this with the fact that by April 2019 Tasmanian nurses will be the lowest paid in Australia* this paints a serious problem for our health system.

With the shortage of nurses and the increasing pressure due to lack of beds across the state, we are calling on your support, whether you are a nurse, midwife, care worker, politician, family member or concerned community member to help show the government that we need to stop disregarding the future of nursing in Tasmania and take action to retain, recruit and recognise these valuable community members.

*As compared to a Registered Nurse Grade 3 year 8 or equivalent

Reasons for signing

  • There are many reasons but mainly quality patient care for now and into the future for Tasmanians.
  • Our health care system is so poorly managed and under resourced in Tasmania that it is a danger to our community.
  • Without decent wages we are Not recruiting Professional staff to our state, our current workforce is overworked and becoming stressed out and exhausted! We NEED a pay rise to show our current staff how they are Valued and we need a Pay rise to level the "playing field" when comparing wages around the country!


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