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To: Federal Government

Reverse The Cuts to Paid Pandemic Leave

We are calling on the Federal Government to reverse their decision to cut paid pandemic leave.

Why is this important?

The Covid-19 Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment has been cut despite workers still being required to isolate if they test positive.

Case numbers are rising and new variants emerging. Now is not the time to turn off paid pandemic leave. This is the wrong decision. Pandemic leave is what workers need to keep the community safe.

The Federal Government must make sure workers are supported to isolate and keep themselves and the community safe.

If governments are asking people to isolate to keep the community safe then we need to ensure that they are supported to do that. No one should be forced to make the impossible choice between doing the right thing and paying the bills.

The Federal Government should not ignore the lessons that we have learnt since the start of the pandemic. They should reverse this decision and continue to support working people during this ongoing crisis.



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