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To: Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp

Sack Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt must be sacked. Today, he has openly defended a convicted pedophile. This is insupportable to the Australian people and to Pell’s victims and other sexual assault survivors. While Bolt has always had views that are anathema to decent, reasonable people, his actions today have gone too far.

And yes, we understand this petition is a relatively trivial action to take, when compared with the utter horror of Pell’s convictions and behaviour. Witches would also like everyone else associated with Australia’s child sexual abuse scandal sacked and punished too, and Bolt’s words are just the tip of a huge iceberg. But nevertheless, tens of thousands of people DO read and watch Bolt’s disgusting ranting, and he must be stopped from spreading it further. He must go.

Why is this important?

Australians value the rule of law and justice for victims. And we detest the sexual abuse of children. For these reasons, defending a convicted pedophile is the act of a despicable character who has no place in Australian publications or on Australian TV screens. Rupert Murdoch should be ashamed to employ such a person and help promulgate his disgraceful views. At a very minimum, must be sacked. Now.

How it will be delivered

We will forward this petition to all Newscorp outlets we can and, if enough people sign, we’ll deliver it personally to the Herald-Sun office in Melbourne.

Reasons for signing

  • That man has been convicted by an Australian court. Not for the 'media' to challenge its verdict
  • Bolt is disrespecting all survivors of child sexual abuse. His opinion does not reflect the Australian population.
  • Because my daughter Is my miracle child and she's so innocent.


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