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To: Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

Save Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Visitor Information Centres

This campaign has ended.

Save Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Visitor Information Centres

Reverse the decision to divest from tourism services and maintain the operation of the three Visitor Information Centres in the municipality; those being Triabunna, Swansea and Bicheno visitor information centres on Tasmania's spectacular east coast.

Why is this important?

Tourism provides a vitally important income stream for many in the communities within the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council municipal area.

The tourism industry directly employs some 2,000 locals. In addition, 15% of the municipality's residents work in the accommodation and food services industries. There are over 350 properties listed on the popular short term rental website Airbnb and dozens of businesses in the municipality offering a huge range of activities for locals and visitors alike, including walking, kayaking, surfing, fishing, camping, cruising, wine tasting and wildlife as well as the world famous Freycinet and Maria Island National Parks.

The services provided by the Visitor Information Centres is vital to continuing the vitality of this region and the recommendations provided by these services help to maintain the many businesses in the municipality that rely on the tourism dollar.

How it will be delivered

Signatures will be emailed to the General Manager of Glamorgan Spring Bay Council in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993 (Tas.)

Reasons for signing

  • The visitor centres are vital for not only visitors but also for residents and fellow Tasmanians. They provide jobs to locals, generate money for the area as well as assist tourism ventures to run successful businesses. Council is crazy to be shutting these down. A ridiculous decision.
  • Tourism matters on the east coast and we need our local visitor centres to increase visitors to the east coast
  • Tourism is the East Coast of Tasmania’s future. Closing them down will mean it’s hard to get them reopened.


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