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To: Tasmanian Government

Save reproductive choice in Tasmania

Save reproductive choice in Tasmania

We demand that Tasmanian Government to allocate public funding to health services to provide safe and legal surgical abortion procedures in Tasmania.

Why is this important?

It’s 2018 and Tasmanians deserve access to safe and legal reproductive health services without needing to shoulder the burden of traveling interstate to do so.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government was warned that the last healthcare service in Tasmania offering affordable surgical abortion procedures would be closing. Three services offering the procedure closed during his term.

He chose to do nothing. His inaction is an action in itself.

He must put aside his personal anti-choice views to do his job and provide public access to the safe and legal healthcare services that Tasmanians need.

Reasons for signing

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  • I support women's access to reproductive choice.
  • Why did I sign? Because the 1930s ended a while ago.


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Royal Australian College of General Practitioners president Dr Bastian Seidel and Tasmanian Deputy Opposition Leader Michelle O’Byrne call on Tasmanian Health Minister Michael Ferguson to provide public funding to healthcare services to provide access to surgical abortion in Tasmania.