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To: Maroondah Council

Save Ringwood Heritage Building

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Donna MacKinnon
Save Ringwood Heritage Building

Find an alternate site for the new Ringwood Station carpark.

Why is this important?

The Blood Brothers building on the corner of Bedford and Warrandyte Roads is a local landmark. It was built in 1914 and is significant as an example of Edwardian corner shop architecture. Maroondah council wants to knock it down to build a multistorey carpark. Commuters want more carparking, but a significant heritage building should not be bulldozed to provide it. Council should be building this on current carpark sites at Ringwood Station.

Reasons for signing

  • We need to value our heritage - once it is gone, it is gone. What is the point of a heritage overlay, if it doesn't actually protect our heritage buildings?
  • This is the history of Ringwood, we do not need to see further erosion of our past.
  • The fact that this building is already covered by a heritage overlay should be sufficient for council to leave well alone. This example of older architecture is an important part of our local heritage and cultural environment. It is a far more pleasant part of our scenery and should be preserved for future generations.


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