To: The Australian Public

Say Yes to Marriage Equality

Pledge your support for marriage equality.

Our parliament could change the law on marriage equality in minutes. Yet Tony Abbott and his supporters in the Liberal and National parties have somehow brought us to a ridiculous postal plebiscite.

But if there has got to be a vote, we have to win it. So I will vote yes and I hope you will too.

We need more than your support, we need you to commit to filling in that postal poll when it arrives at your house. Pledge your support here and we’ll remind you when the letter hits your mail box.

Why is this important?

Whilst not everyone who is unsure about marriage equality is a homophobe, we also know that every homophobe in Australia will be loudly voicing their opposition anywhere and everywhere they can.

We need every supporter of marriage equality enrolled to vote and we need them to make their voice heard.

Reasons for signing

  • Because it's time and most Australians want it.


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