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To: Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison: Apologise to Australian Women

On March 15th, I got to stand with thousands of people across the country to protest the treatment of women in Australia.

In response, Scott Morrison took the opportunity to undermine women. He got up in Parliament and said it's a triumph that people weren't "being met with bullets".

Remember – this is in response to a protest to end violence against women. This was a disgusting reaction to the demands of women across the country.

Stand with us to demand Scott Morrison apologise to the women of Australia for this deplorable comment by signing my petition.

Why is this important?

While Scott Morrison thinks it's an achievement for women to not be shot while protesting, women do not feel safe on the streets. Women do not feel safe in their homes. Women do not feel safe in their workplaces.

And the terrible thing is – Scott Morrison knows what he needs to do. He has had the [email protected] report on his desk for 12 months. We need him to immediately implement the recommendations and to make ending sexual harassment in the workplace a national priority. 

There is so much that needs to be done to make women in Australia feel safe, but Scott Morrison and the Liberals have repeatedly shown that they do not care about women.

He's refused to stand down Christian Porter despite recent allegations. He has failed to support women throughout the pandemic. And now he's saying we should think ourselves lucky that we were not met with bullets in the street. 

I am furious and so are women all across Australia. Sign this petition today to tell Scott Morrison that we've had enough!

Reasons for signing

  • He does not think before he speaks. Another appalling comment was his 'gender whisperer' one suggesting the Safe Schools Program could convince children to change their gender. He went on to say that's why his girls went to a private school.
  • He is just appalling and needs to go
  • He would be if it wasn’t for the most important female in his life... he’s mother who gave him life.. so it’s pathetic on his behalf How can be saying things like that... ???


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