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To: Scott Morrison


Over half of Australia has been in a lockdown in the last month, with Sydney and Victoria both currently in one - these could have been avoided if Scott Morrison took responsibility and fixed his Covid mess.

There are 3 things Scott Morrison needs to do right now:
1) Commit to JobKeeper 2.0 - reinstate and improve JobKeeper for all workers, including casual workers, gig workers, uni staff and migrant workers,
2) Build Federal quarantine facilities, and
3) Get everyone vaccinated.

Scott Morrison, it's time for you to stop shifting the blame. It’s our jobs and health on the line.

Why is this important?

Australians have had enough.

Scott Morrison has consistently failed us as Prime Minister. He has done everything he can to blame others for his mistakes.

He's bungled the vaccine roll out. He's failed to fund or come up with a plan for effective quarantine facilities. And he cut JobKeeper - which already excluded thousands of vulnerable workers - while we are still in the middle of a global pandemic.

Even with Sydney and Victoria currently in a lockdown, and over half of Australia having experienced a lockdown within the last month, Scott Morrison is still refusing to take any responsibility for the mistakes him and his government have made. We must hold him accountable. Add your name to the petition now if you agree.

Reasons for signing

  • to help get rid of this incompetent govt
  • I am sick of Scott Morrison burying his head in the sand and not taking responsibility for his lack of leadership and not being able to say he is sorry for this mess he has put Australia in.
  • I’m fed up with this 3rd rate government led by an incompetent Scott Morrison PM, who is completely out of his depth.


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