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To: Dominic Perrottet

Scrap obscene government executive pay rises and pay essential workers more

The NSW Liberal-National Government has given 116 Government Executives a $30,000 pay rise each while capping the pay of exhausted essential workers below the cost of living.

This obscene wage increase must be scrapped and essential workers given a real pay rise.

Why is this important?

Executives at iCare, the NSW Government agency responsible for supporting injured workers, will each be awarded an average $30,000 pay rise with the CEO receiving a $246,508 pay rise to put his salary at over $1 million.

This is the reward executives at one of the worst performing government agencies in history get after underpaying 53,000 injured workers a total of $38 million and leaking the private details of almost 200,000 workers.

Meanwhile, the Perrottet Government is capping the wages of essential workers below the cost of living after supporting our state through the COVID pandemic.

Under the NSW Government, executives and politicians continue to enjoy massive pay rises over and above exhausted essential workers.

Essential Workers Deserve Better. Add your name to tell the Perrottet Government to scrap the obscene wage increase and pay essential workers what they’re worth.

New South Wales, Australia

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