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To: Scott Morrison and National Cabinet

Secure Australia’s future refining jobs

United Workers Union

We’re calling for the following key actions:

Legislate to phase in a target of 75% of national demand for petroleum, diesel, & aviation fuel is refined domestically to ensure continuity of capacity and work through changing energy technologies.

Government support to build a renewable hydrogen production and refining industry with good jobs that provides cheap energy domestically and a significant export market for Australia with a guarantee that 100% of domestic demand is produced and refined here.

Involve refinery workers and their union representatives in relation to these matters.

Why is this important?

The COVID-19 crisis highlights how essential it is to maintain domestic refining capacity.

Refining workers are working hard to make sure Australians have the essential petrochemicals we need to get through COVID-19. This goes not only for the fuel powering the transport of essential goods but key inputs for fertilisers, food and medicinal packaging.

While we work to get through this crisis, we are also facing major technological shifts in the energy sector including new hydrogen-based fuels and global warming that threatens the safety of our friends, families and communities.

That’s why we are calling on the Federal Government and the National Cabinet to step in now to secure a safe future for Australia by helping to build a new and revitalised refining industry.



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