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To: The Victorian Government

Every Victorian deserves sick pay

All Victorians should be able to stay home when they're sick, without fear of losing their income. But casual workers in many industries are left out by the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee.

Having access to the sick pay guarantee meant that when I was sick and needed time to recover, I didn’t have to borrow money to pay rent. It meant that I didn’t have to rush back to work, I could take the time I needed to recover and not risk getting my co-workers sick.

The State Government needs to expand the number of industries that are covered by the guarantee so that every worker has access to sick pay.

Why is this important?

The last few years during the pandemic have shown us what happens when Victorians don't have access to sick pay.

Working as a casual in retail I couldn’t afford to cancel the few shifts I had. I’d often be forced to go in sick, because it was the difference between me paying my rent and not.

This is why it's critical that the State Goverment ensures that all workers have access to sick pay and expand the industries covered by the guarantee.

Victoria, Australia

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2022-10-26 12:34:18 +1100

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2022-10-07 18:33:35 +1100

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