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To: Steven Marshall, Premier, South Australia

Steven Marshall: Support workers in public corporations with a wage subsidy now!

Steven Marshall: Support workers in public corporations with a wage subsidy now!

The United Workers Union is calling on the South Australian Premier Steven Marshall to support workers who work for public corporations and statutory authorities.

Over 800 staff at Adelaide Venue Management (AVM) - owned by the South Australian Government - are out of work but are not eligible for the Federal Government JobKeeper subsidy. The Marshall Government needs to step in to support those workers and their families.

Why is this important?

AVM is a big part of the South Australian hospitality and tourism landscape. Our members at Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium work daily to present and showcase the State of South Australia and everything it has to offer. These venues have skilled and dedicated staff that are crucial to the running of these venues. We cannot afford to lose the knowledge and experience of this workforce. It is crucial that the Marshall Government support workers through the impacts of COVID-19 by extending this wage subsidy to them.

The Marshall Government must commit to match the funding provided by the Federal Government for the purposes of the JobKeeper Payment for employees of South Australian public corporations and statutory authorities and ensure that no worker is left behind.


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