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To: The University of Western Australia

Save Our Semesters

Save Our Semesters

Reverse the 2017 decision to reduce the number of active teaching weeks each semester from 13 to 12.

Why is this important?

Students deserve a high quality education.

By reducing the number of teaching weeks the University is reducing quality face-to-face teaching time with our tutors and academics, and in addition reducing the time we have to complete assignments, study for exams and have a well rounded student experience. Being a student is already tough - cutting our semesters by a week will result in unnecessary stress and anxiety throughout the already intense semester.

We're calling on the University to reverse the 2016-2017 decision to reduce the number of active teaching weeks, and bring back our 13 week semesters.


Reasons for signing

  • Instead of focusing on cramming already tight schedules into an even shorter time span, we should solely focus on improving our learning system.
  • 13 Weeks Content in 12 Weeks isn't fair on students and unit coordinators alike. We should be focusing in improving the learning experience not cramming content
  • I support the reverse because we deserve higher quality teaching, not stressed lecuturers and tutors!


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