To: Professor Brian P. Schmidt, Vice-Chancellor

Stop ANU's attacks on penalty rates

ANU's proposal to broaden the 'span of hours' for staff employed in libraries, IT, maintenance and some research & technical roles will effectively strip penalty rates and shift allowances for those workers affected. This could potentially leave employees in these areas thousands of dollars out of pocket.

In addition, the proposal would extend the core business hours of workers in these roles, potentially affecting the family life of ANU workers.

We, the undersigned staff, students and members of the broader ANU community, call on ANU to abandon proposals to broaden the span of hours as part of Enterprise Bargaining negotiations currently underway.

Why is this important?

The issue of penalty rates has been prominent recently. While many Australians would now associate these attacks with industries such as fast food, hospitality and retail, we are disappointed that they are now becoming a feature of the higher education sector at ANU as well.

Penalty rates compensate workers for working unsociable hours, such as early mornings, evenings and weekends - time that could otherwise be spent with families. The workers who rely on penalty rates and shift allowances are often among the lowest paid, and as such these cuts will put a significant dent in the weekly family budget.

The extension of the core business hours of university employees is also a major concern. This change means some staff may be rostered on as late as 10pm as part of their normal working hours. These changes will obviously make it extremely difficult for staff with families or other responsibilities outside of work.

ANU's Strategic Plan 2017-2021 makes grand statements about equity, integrity and ethical behaviour. We are calling on ANU senior management to live up to the standards they have set for themselves.

Reasons for signing

  • It is unfair for employees like the librarians and IT to receive reduced rates for working outside business hours. They are helpful and excellent at their jobs and play important roles in making the services and facilities on campus more functional and accessible. It is unbelievable that the ANU senior management is even considering this as an option while wanting to extend their working hours.
  • Australia is a wealthy country with increasing wealth inequality. Reducing the pay and conditions of lower paid workers is the opposite of what I would like to see in my community. It is especially galling to see the ANU spending vast amounts of money on dubious capital works while attacking the rights of workers.
  • Our librarians are wonderful, please don't attack them.


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