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To: Kelly O’Dwyer

Stop Gender Based Violence

Gender violence and harassment in the workplace is rampant. In Australia more than 1 in 2 women experience harassment or violence at work.

Around the world, hundreds of millions of women, experience physical and psychological abuse every year. But as yet there is no international law to eradicate this.

The International Labour Organisation is aiming to create a Convention which would create legal obligations for governments to end gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace.

Why is this important?

Australian Unions call on the Australian Government and Minister Kelly O'Dwyer to actively support the development of, and ratify once adopted, the new ILO Convention aimed at preventing violence and harassment in the world at work, including sexual harassment.

We need to send a message that we won’t tolerate workplace gender violence: Not here, not anywhere.

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Reasons for signing

  • I believe in people having the right to safety, decent pay and conditions! no excuses for threats or intimidation
  • I signed because we have a problem here in Australia. It's a hostile place for many.
  • I need the workplace to be a safe and conducive environment for everybody.


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