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To: Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner

Stop the Attacks on Brisbane City Bus Drivers

Members of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union ("RTBU"), and members of local community members call on Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and his Council to take real action in tackling the growing violence against Brisbane bus drivers.

Violence against RTBU Bus Drivers and members of the travelling public is reaching epidemic levels and it’s time something was done. It’s time for the Council to end the victim-blaming and be part of the solution.
We call on the BCC Lord Mayor to immediately take steps to stop the attacks and then work with the Qld Government, and law enforcement to come to long term solutions.

To stop these attacks RTBU and members of the travelling public demand that council does the following:
*Introduce fully encapsulated driver's seats; &
*Increase the number of security officers on our bus network;
*Bring together BCC, Qld Government and enforcement authorities to come up with community-based solutions which deter attacks and catch the perpetrators.

Why is this important?

At least once a week a bus driver in Brisbane is assaulted by a member of the public. With injuries ranging from mental health trauma to broken bones that require hospitalisation, bus drivers are being left with lasting injuries for simply doing their job.

RTBU members and concerned community members believe this is an unacceptable situation which doesn't just harm bus drivers but also places the travelling public at massive risk.

The Lord Mayor and his council have been hiding from this issue and engaging in disgraceful victim-blaming.

Enough is enough, it's time now that bus drivers and the community stand up for our right to safe public transport in our city. We can no longer stand by while the Lord Mayor and his council allow these assaults to continue.

We won't stand for this any longer, will you?


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