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To: Australian Government

Stop the Great Gas Rip Off

Australia has a gas export crisis.

Multinational oil and gas companies are buying up all of our gas and shipping it overseas to export customers. These overseas customers get Australia’s gas cheaper than it costs us at home.

Gas companies make billions, our competitors get a cheap advantage over Australian businesses and households. Meanwhile Aussies suffer with higher power bills, higher gas bills and job losses.

Malcolm Turnbull has talked tough, but he has caved to big gas companies.

The government made several weak attempts over the last year to fix this crisis but its own departments are saying the solutions won't work.

A new study forecasts that household electricity prices in some areas could go up by over $600. It has been predicted by economists that Australia could lose over 230,000 jobs.

If meaningful action is not taken now then over the next few years we will see huge job losses and household energy bills skyrocket.

The Federal Government continues to sit on its hands, caving in to big business whilst hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs are at critical risk.

Why is this important?

We need a fair deal.

In the coming year, you will see us fighting for a fairer gas deal for Australians.

If the government cannot stand up to big oil and gas companies and impose an effective solution, the Australian economy and families will suffer. We need urgent, decisive action.

Australia’s gas should be for Australians - we should pay less for our own gas than our export customers.


We urge you to support our fight for a fair go for Australians. Sign the petition and call on the Government to fix our gas export crisis immediately.





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