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To: Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria

Stop the Victorian Government from selling our Land Titles Office

The Victorian Government has announced its intention to privatise Victoria's Land Titles Office.

For 155 years, the Land Titles Office has tirelessly scrutinised every survey, mortgage and transaction on Victoria's four million-odd properties, perfecting this priceless public asset.

We want Daniel Andrews, as Premier of Victoria, to stop the privatisation scoping exercise by the Department of Treasury and Finance, and reverse the decision to sell our Land Titles Office.

Why is this important?

More than 400 people work at the titles office and they take their jobs seriously. Their dedication and attention to detail gives Victorians peace of mind when it comes to their homes.

The titles office created $300 million in revenue last year. That's $300 million that was returned to the public to fund schools, hospitals, roads, and other highly valued public services.

What's worse, we know privatisation doesn't work.

Victoria has a history of privatising public assets only to see costs increase and service quality decline. Just look at the cost of electricity now, our muddled public transport system, not to mention traffic cameras, and prisons run for profit.

If the titles office is sold to a private company it will affect everyone from first-home-owners to property developers.

Fees are predicted to quadruple as seen recently in Canada, and costly title insurance will be a likely requirement for all homeowners, any revenue made from the titles office will go straight into the pockets of private company shareholders.

Buying property in Victoria is hard enough. Why does the Government want to make it harder?

We must stop the selling of this valuable public asset. Because once it's gone, it's gone for good.



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