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To: Ian O'Connor Vice-Chancellor of Griffith University and the Griffith University Administration

Stop Trimesters At Griffith

The Griffith University Nathan Student Representative Council calls upon the University Administration to undo the implementation of the system of Trimesters which has adversely affected the well-being of students and staff. We call on the University to take action immediately to restore the traditional semester model to prevent any further disruptions to the lives of those involved with the institution.

Why is this important?

The current structure of the trimester system unfairly affects staff and students. Through institutionalizing the drive to hasten the completion of degrees and rake in profit, the University has thus forgone creating an atmosphere that disrespects the concept of obtaining a comprehensive education in an attempt to establish the university as a degree factory.
The trimester model completely ignores the necessity of study breaks for students to catch up on content as well utterly disregarding the students who rely on the end of year break to save essential funds that ultimately sustains them for the following academic year. Already carrying the weight of being at university, this financial and social deficit will place a greater burden on the mental and academic health of Griffith University Students.
The implications of this model call in to question the practicality of deadlines and workloads placed on academic staff by creating a third teaching period. This new policy strips the ability of staff to have time to part take in scholastic pursuits, including conferences and undertaking research. This policy will lead to an increase of fatigue and burnt out staff which will ultimately affect Griffith's high standings within research and the quality of the education.
At all ends, the trimester model is solely for the university and against the students and staff.


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